I am dazzled by Binah, Great and Shining sphere atop the Pillar of Severity. But I don’t yet understand the severity. I kneel before you to receive Understanding, not in words, for the need surpasses words.

I long to drift in your silent ocean, explore your deep reefs of mystery. I sing to you AIMA! Great mother, you give me form and receive me on my death.  You hold in your womb the free moving force set to work by your beloved friend that never parts, partner Chokmah. 

Your faces drift before me, fleetingly, you are innocent Persephone, terrifying Cailleache, fertile Ceres. You hide in your bosom the stars and planets. In you, I am stripped bare, left with silence. In this silence comes Understanding, knowing what you must struggle through and what you must let go of to grow. It is truly a death and birth.

I will build a temple to Binah, a place to contemplate you. I will wrap it robes of crimson and black and imagine Tzaphkiel at it’s gate, to greet me in the beginning and in the end.


Blessed Be.