It was suggested that when we write about Imbolc, that we write about our first Imbolc ritual. Coincidently, this was the first group ritual I wrote and performed. We honored the Goddess Brigid. In this ritual,  participants brought lit candles to a lovely little garden well, built by one of our community members. The participants placed their candles there and were given a drink from the well. A sunny yellow lemon pound cake was offered and Celtic style music was played. I made the lemon cake, as well as many of the candles used in the ritual. It’s important for me to make  as many of the items used in the ritual as I can. They are crafted with the intent of the ritual in mind and honor the Gods and Goddess by showing I am offering  my best.

It is of course easy to see how closely Imbolc and Candlemas are related. Brigid and Mary are honored with candle and flame. I usually do make candles at this time. My favorite to make are votive candles. I make them for each element, to have on the quarter altars in my rituals.

Easy votive candles:

Items needed:

candle making wax or save damaged or mostly used up candles.

color blocks made for coloring candles

scented oils made for candle making

Pre cut wicks with metal bases

3 oz  ‘dixie’ cups

sauce pan

a 15 0z or large soup or vegetable can


Place the soup can inside the sauce pan with a cup of water. Add the wax or old candles to the soup can. Add the desired colors and scents according to the package directions. Simmer gently until blended. Prepare the wicks and dixie cups. Light a candle and drop a small amount of wax on the bottom of the dixie cup and affix the metal base of your wick to it. Allow to harden. This will keep the wick stationary while you pour the hot wax in. Using an oven mitt, pick up the soup can and carefully pour the melted wax into the dixie cup. Allow to cool and harden overnight and in the morning simply tear and peel away the cup.

Happy Crafting!