Doubt can be described as an emotion and a thought process. It can easily get filed away under negative feelings. But we should not make it the opposite of assurance, the black to it’s white. Doubt can change your vision, suddenly everything looks distorted. Maybe the colors are no longer so bright. perhaps you have moved through the veil? You are seeing something from the other side.

Great philosophers and theologians have written about doubt for centuries. Eastern thought eschews it, but also encourages to let go and just be. Western thought writes of doubt as if it were a great love, unexpectedly wandered into their life. Something that can’t be lived with or without. Without doubt, belief has no real substance.

To give someone the benefit of the doubt is a conundrum. You are neither presuming the guilt or innocence of the person. Yet, someone has benefited from doubt. Without doubt, there is no possibilty. Can you see the things that are keeping you from doing the things you don’t even know you can do? Doubt is transformed into a strength. Doubt forces you to reach out, like plant leaves seeking the sun. Suddenly you are taller and stronger. To deny doubt would be to deny your humanity.

Blessed Be.