Continue to chase the enigma of The Dream. Scientists can not clearly explain them. Mystics can not agree of their purpose. What is this strange alchemy of dreams? Blend the elements of subconscious and conscious, environment and experience, planets and signs. The outcome is never the same. The Aboriginal peoples attribute all to their dreams, for the creation to the present geography. History and legend tells of great prophecies, dreamed and fulfilled, decisions made that have changed the current of mankind. 

 Where are these places you take me? I dream of my mundane experiences. I long for the dreams of my ancestors. Their mundane experiences were the trees, the animals and the night sky. I’m lost to their messages, the voices silenced to me under the noise of technology. I dream of the fantastic. I live a day in a matter of minutes and build dream houses. I add to them room by room until they become an infinite labyrinth of memory. The night mare storms in, black and terrible. I ride, in spite of myself, often galloping the horror into the waking world. Is it a warning to heed or a torment undeserved? 

 For benefit or harm, I will continue to journey to these places until the end of my days. I will seek more their council, through symbols and guides. I can ascend to new heights and bring gifts as I descend into wakefulness.


Blessed Be.