The origins of Eostre seem vague to me in my research, but most certainly is derived from the Greeks Eos, the Romans Aurora. All relate to the seaon Spring, the rising sun and the dawn.

I have written and carried out a ritual for Ostara this year. The ritual emphasised balance. We also ritually returned a corn dolly to the earth. She was first honored at a Lammas ritual I wrote carried out, and again at Imbolc as the Bride. I’d like to tell you about the importance of Balance, that I shared in the ritual.

Here is a short meditation on Balance:

Find a comfortable position. Close you eyes. Take a few deep breaths and find your center. What are you experiencing with your eyes closed? Observe your breath. No need to change your inhalation or exhalations, simply observe your breath. What sensations are you experiencing? Temperature? Emotions? Sounds? Do you feel connected to your center in the midst of this or do you feel tossed about by your experiences? Whatever it is, it’s just fine. Simply notice it. Your thoughts may wander to place outside of this time, but when that happens, just easily bring your awareness back to your breath.  By letting go of thoughts and simply being, a space develops around you. Start to notice this space.  When your thoughts wander and you feel out of balance, favor the stillness in this space. In this space now, you still have yourself, your sensations, emotions and experiences. But now you also have stillness.  You have balance. Let us visualize things that require balance to be. Dark and Light. Justice. Good and Bad. Even a bicycle wheels must turn around for us to move forward.

Blessed Be.