Fire is the element that fuels me. History has revered you, housed in temples and secreted across continents. You are a tool of divination and banishment. You can be lit as a manifestation of anger, or be met from the sky in lightning. You promise warmth, illumination and the comfort of food.

Fire, you unite us in the way we describe you. Hot, dry, consuming and demanding. You do not discriminate, you burn all the same. From the homes of people to animals. Even a candle flame holds your power. After extinguished, you remain, in coal and diamonds. You continue to consume and create. Air has it’s birds, the waters it’s fish and the earth it’s burrowers. The creatures that dwell within you are the beings of legend, the phoenix and the salamanders.

Touch my skin, I am warmer than the air I inhale, the water I consume and the earth that holds me. Fire is unseen by eyes, but within.

Blessed Be.