“Let those who have inward eyes look and discover there within”

A.E. Waite, on the Judgement card

In the tarot, the Judgement card symbolizes renewal, rewards and spiritual development. Society relies on those with wisdom, intelligence and prudence to use those tools to make decisions that impact individual lives and those of communities and nations. Why has the word judgement become an emotional trigger for so many?

Often, the secrets that you keep grow into guilt and shame. The act of blaming someone, for example, covers up uneasy and paranoid feeling that you’ve made the wrong decision or said something you regret. You see the negative aspects of the person you project this onto, based on your impulses. “I didn’t do anything”. “It’s all your fault”.

But consider for a moment the exact opposite, the qualities of a person you greatly admire, like a celebrity or a teacher. If you were to list those qualities, could you find something there that you have disowned in yourself? Have your refused to love your knowledge, selflessness or passion?

Here now is the lesson of the Judgement card. After a period of rest and looking inward, you have learned from your experiences. You have been released from your guilt and shame of the past. In the Tarot, angels are a symbol of our of our subconscious minds. In the ‘Symbolism of the Tarot’, P.D. Ouspensky calls the angel depicted in the Waite tarot imagery of this card ‘the Messenger of the Empress’. Surely this message is renewal, love and looking deep. Now you have the tools for positive judgement. Of yourself and others.

Blessed Be.