You are a crown, you surround, and encompass all within your bounds. An infinity, a circle that never ends atop the middle pillar of equilibrium. You rule at the top of the Emanation, the Atzilut, so sublime and concealed, ‘temiras dechol temirin’ The Most Hidden of All Hidden. I can not imagine you.

I can imagine a king or a queen, wearing a crown. Not a crown of metal, but of pure light at the highest point on the physical body. An aura surrounding the consciousness, relaxing, opening up and allows the pouring in of divine light from above. To wear this crown is to be centered in the stillness within the circle of life.

Ayin, you are naught, and nowhere, yet like a spring bursting forth, the first drop of visible water was Chokmah. I travel the path of Aleph, the first in the lighting flash, and aspire to have unity and purity of idea. I can travel the path of Beth from Binah, and create everything I see.

Keter, you are the source, forever unseen, from where All originates. I Am. I Am Union.

Blessed Be.