Today I completed a handcrafted tarot deck that I started in September of 2011. Today, June 4, 2012 is a full moon. A full moon is always a perfect symbol of seeing a work into fruition. The full Moon occurs on Monday June 4th at 4:12am PDT/ 7:12am EDT/ 11:12am GMT.  It comes a day and a half before Venus transits the Sun.  So be prepared for powerful energies this week.

The first card I created was The Fool and the final card was the 8 of Swords. The significant thing I found in this was that  I accidentally made two different renditions of the 2 of Swords, the only card I duplicated in the deck. The outstanding image in both of these cards was of a woman blindfolded. As a triple water sign, I can only guess this is a representation of a constant struggle to control the wave of emotion that would surely overwhelm me should I not keep it in check.

I never set out to create a tarot deck. I was only keeping a tarot journal at the beginning. I would pull a card and write my initial impressions on it, followed by historical references and interpretations from some of my favorite tarot blogs. While listening to a tarot podcast, one of the guests talked about a homework assignment she gave while she taught tarot workshops. It was for students to go home and create a collage of symbols of the cards they had studies that week. I thought, ” Well why not just make a collage of the card?”. As a newsstand supervisor, one of my past times was making funny pop culture collages out of discarded magazines. This was like second nature to me!

I felt truly the way to know a card was to create one. I also learned a huge lesson in energy work while creating the deck. This is the next subject I’m determined to explore further. If I take my lesson in shadow work from the blindfolded woman, I can continue to tell myself that not only do the shadows show you why you do the things you do, if you shine the light brightly enough, you can also see the things you never knew you could do.

Blessed Be.

(The Empress card, one of my favorites)