Not one of the classical planets, it was discovered in a time of unimaginable changes. Thousands of years of human migration were swiftly propelled forward by the steam of engines. Conversations and thoughts were sent vast distances in seconds, no longer reverently carried from one society to another, to be tasted, savored and slowly absorbed. one’s vision was no longer limited to as far as the eye can see. The long arduous tasks of mankind were made simpler by the day’ leaving more time now, to turn the eye inward, to see truly how far inward you can see.

Beautiful and blue, like the realm of the god Neptune, or Poisiden. He created the most fantastical beasts of any realm, the ones that still capture our imagination today. Neptune moved into it’s home of Pisces on February 3,2012. It will remain here for 14 years. Be prepared for a sea of change. Dive deep and transcend reality. Explore you creativity and take up causes. Voices are joined in a chorus that can be heard at this time.

Beware, Neptune can cast you adrift in a sea of delusion. Gripped by addictions and vices, you could simply withdraw from society as a whole. Grasp Neptune’s creativity, music and art. You will be shown the path to your higher self. Dream big. Deep blue and full of storms, not visible to the naked eye,  Neptune will hover in the beyond, influencing our stars, planets and imaginations.