By choice, chance or circumstance, sometimes we find ourselves on a solitary path. While this implies we practice alone, are we ever truly alone?
Often the path begins in the home, where there are children, spouses and parents. In this place where small magics occur everyday, are not your Gods and Goddesses present too? The responsibilities of the mundane often overwhelm the desire to be part of scheduled meetings. Other obstacles in our choice of group practice could be geography, introversion or limitations we feel are imposed on us by family friends or co-workers. Again, in this time of burgeoning technology, are we ever truly alone? We can connect and study in Internet forums and read from thousands of published books. We can attend far flung gatherings in anonymity.
Sometimes we just need to have faith that we are in a required period of discernment, waiting for the next step to be made evident. Coming before the Gods alone, we are truly responsible for how we present ourselves.
We can continue to provide a new image of what religion can be in a postmodern world; one without churches or clear boundaries, based on books and the Internet and individuals gathering together and interacting and then returning to practice what they see as their own relationship to the Divine.

Blessed Be.