Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the Elements originate in Spirit. The Elements spring forth from Spirit and our lives are spent working with them, returning them again to Spirit, seeking wholeness. Spirit is in your DNA, it is truth, you can touch it in the silence. It is bound in your body which is made of all the Elements. Call on Spirit, take a snapshot of it in your mind, allow it to manifest on your face, in your speech and actions. Can you see Spirit in your minds eye? Can you hear it in a song sung only to you? Can you feel it, when you embrace unconditional love? Do you choose to touch Spirit, or separate yourself? Look beyond what you can see only with your eyes open. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and look inside. Your DNA may physically give you the face of your grandmother, but is that truly all? Can you not feel the experiences of her ancestors too? We all carry the same iron in our blood, some say we are stardust. With your eyes still closed can you touch what lies beyond the sky?

Nourish your body with the Elements. Nourish your Spirit. Be awake to everything you do. Instead of trying to connect the dots, or complete the puzzles of life, draw your questions deep into your core, into your silent place. Here they will either make sense, or dissolve into irrelevance.

Blessed Be.