The ocean, in a lonely place you meet the sky, infinite blue, with no end or beginning. Water seeps to the deepest places in the Earth, meeting the fire of the core. Water meets the air, rising in steam to greet the Sun. You rise to the shores to praise the Moon. Freezing, boiling, thundering across the land, your forms are endless. A single drop of water can be teaming with life. You are a world so close yet set so far apart from the realms of man. Your creatures are as fantastic and amazing as our imagination can hold, many live and become extinct, unseen by human eyes. Don’t they then join with the undines?

Feelings come in waves, like water. Water is patient, you can polish a stone in time. You yield and bend but never break. Water is deeper than the sky is high, as deep as the emotion we carry for our loved ones.  I can not breathe in your realm, but I can nourish my body with you, glide in your caress, or be carried by you, in that liminal place where our worlds meet. I love and wonder at your mysteries.

Blessed Be.