Oh my, I found this unpublished post, just as The Wheel turns again!

 2012 Winter Solstice will occur on Friday, December 12 at 6:12am EST, just one hour before sunrise. What a great time for us to welcome the return of longer daylight, just as the sun rises. It actually took me more time than usual to find this information, as I had to comb through links about the Mayan calendar coming to an end. I think they just ran out of stone. Much like the Millenium terror, we will all wake up the next and look at each other and chuckle, or maybe roll our eyes. The coming of lighter days after the winter solstice will bring on a more festive mood.

My favorite solstice tradition is to gather evergreen on this day and craft a wreath. I hang it on the door to welcome friends and family as they stop by to share food and good cheer.

The Evergreen does not die or turn brown in the winter, so it symbolizes everlasting life, like the return of the sun. A great way to represent this is to craft a wreath, it’s wheel shape represents the wheel turning once again. I have two very old evergreens growing in my yard that were purchased as live Christmas trees and planted afterwards. I trim off small pieces from the bottom and craft a wreath. Anyone selling Christmas trees also will sell or give away the fallen or trimmed branches. A wire clothes hanger makes a great frame, bent into a hoop. It comes with the bonus of the hook. Attach the greenery in a continuing circular pattern with green florist wire. This is a great active meditation, with the smell of the pine and the act of starting a circle and ending it. Welcome loved ones to add a decorative touch of their own and you will have symbol of love, friendship and community. At the end the of the season of festivity, I return it to the woods, to continue the circle of dying and rebirth.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. Blessed Be!

Thanks to Andrea de Michaelis for publishing this in the December 2012 issue of Horizons magazine.