Welcome to November! November’s full moon is known as the Snow Moon and will occur on the 17th. November’s full moon is also sometimes called the Quickening Moon, which feels a little appropriate here in Florida, where some of us are now planting vegetable gardens to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. We will be entering November with a Mercury retrograde that lasts until the 11th, so take advantage of the classic themes of a Mercury retrograde and ‘re’ do things. Renew friendships and family ties with holiday activities. Plant and replant a garden. Trees do go into dormancy at this time, so it’s a great time to root prune and prepare to move them in the spring. Don’t forget to take some time to reflect and decide what you could prune now in your own life and move to a new place in the future.

While traditionally we are getting ready to wind down the calendar year, November also sees new beginnings for many. On November 3rd, people of the Hindu faith will be celebrating Diwali and welcoming the new year with a festival of lights, fireworks and family feasting. For many Neo-Pagans, the new year was observed on October 31, when the Wheel of the Year has turned to the observance of Samhain. On this full moon, you will be able to view the Pleiades star cluster at it’s best. In ancient times, the observance of the Pleiades marked the beginnings and ends of agricultural cycles all over the world. Again, while our harvest may be long from over here in Florida, look to nature for it’s gifts. The oak trees will now be dropping acorns. Acorns can be a food source if properly processed. The oak also provides many other things, shade for us and homes for wildlife. Oak’s bark and twigs are medicinal and anti-microbial.

Enjoy November’s gift’s and Blessed Be!


Thanks to Andrea de Michaelis for publishing this in the November 2013 edition of Horizons Magazine.