March 2014 begins with a New Moon on March 1st and ends, like January in a very unusual way, with a second New Moon on March 30th. This second New Moon is often referred to as a Black Moon. New Moons are often a time to consider a new work or endeavor but a Black Moon can be a time of divination, introspection and quiet reflection. The Full Sap Moon occurs on March 16th, so named as now the trees, dormant for winter are preparing to blossom. Take some time to imagine that you too are drawing up energy from the Earth, ready to blossom and be beautiful!

In the time in between these New Moons, the Spring Equinox occurs. After this day of equal light and dark, the days will slowly begin to grow longer. The Spring Equinox is often observed as Ostara, in honor of the Germanic goddess Eostre. Ostara is observed with the gathering of flowers and decorating eggs. Carry the traditional symbols of fertility a step further and decorate eggs with more than just color, inscribe them with your wishes and intentions. Bury them in the earth to ‘grow’ your intentions.

Spring in Florida is a time of fun and adventure. Many fairs and festivals are held this month as artisans and vendors escape the still frigid north to enjoy our early spring. additionally, the Pre-Lenten Carnival season is observed here and in many parts of the world. In another occasion of color and joy, on March 17th the Hindu festival Holi will be celebrated.

Welcome to March and go forward into the lighter time of year with the themes of anticipation, color and love.
Blessed Be!