Summer marches on! On August 1, Lammas or First Harvest is celebrated by many. We stand now preparing to harvest what we’ve worked so hard on all year and reflect on the sacrifices we made to get there. Share these experiences, as you would a harvest feast. This is the time of year where children are preparing to return to school and you can build on that theme by teaching what you have learned to others. Gather with your friends and have a home workshop featuring a favorite hobby or share it at larger venue. The social experience can be the greatest reward.

We’ll see the Full Moon Grain Moon on August 10th. The moon will be in Aquarius and this sign is well known for being visionary and unique. Use this time to launch something artistic, a creation of your deepest ambitions. Surpass your fear of doing something bold and new by using the strength of Leo, as the Sun continues in this sign until August 22nd. This full moon is followed quickly by the Perseids meteor showers that will peak between the 10th and the 13th. Go outside at night to enjoy the beauty and reflect on the connection between the earth and sky. The New Moon arrives on August 25th, in the Sign of Virgo. The new moon is the classic time to start a new endeavor, so the highly organized sign of Virgo will work to your benefit, whether you’re sending children off to school or deciding lead a class yourself. Best of Luck in your new ventures and Blessed Be!