October’s Full Moon arrives early in the month, on October 8th. There will be a full lunar eclipse on this evening, partially visible here in Florida as the Moon is setting to the West. On this evening, the Jewish  festival of  Sukkot will begin. During this week long observance, a temporary shelter called a Sukkah is erected for eating, praying and sometimes sleeping in. This is a great time for all to reflect on structures and patterns in your life that have served you for a short time, and can be cleared away now, to make our work more fruitful.

The New Moon falls on October 23, the same day the Sun enters the astrological sign of Scorpio. Leading up to the time of year where Samhain is observed, a time of honoring ancestors, it brings to mind the story of the Scorpion Men in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The heroic Gilgamesh convinced the Scorpion Men to let him pass the guarded gates of the Netherworlds in search of his ancestor. Reach out to your ancestors by creating an altar or a shrine with photos of loved ones past or decorate it with things that remind you of them. Keep your ancestral connection strong and alive.

To balance out the lunar eclipse at the beginning of the month, a partial solar eclipse will visible in North America on the day of October 23rd. This is when the Sun can cast a shadow on your inner most self. Take care of unfinished business as you move into the dark time of the year, when you can now focus on yourself, family, hearth and home.

Blessed Be!